2024 is here! The best way to enter the new year is to recap the past and start to map out goals and resolutions for the next 365 days. Our team has pulled together 12 ideas to get you started, compiled from our experience, prior workplace goals (we did that!), and visions we share for our industry.  
1. Start a monthly to-do list of things you do each month throughout the entire year 
Start with brainstorming what you do each month and then add items each month to your list so you have a year-at-a-glance and can keep track of what you do each month that is recurring on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. 
2. Create a central resource document of all of your in-services for one year in one place 
Compile all of your in-service documents in one place and then edit as needed to make sure they stay in one place, are updated, and are something you can grab quickly for inspections. 
3. Set a goal to do one thing that showcases your expertise 
Sign up to speak to a college class about the aquatics field, send an email to a publication about creating an article, or find a partner to pair up for a continuing education session at a local or national conference. 
4. Make a feel-good folder and a ‘promotable task’ file 
When positive feedback from your team, supervisor, or guests lands in your inbox, move it over to a feel-good folder so you can visit it for a hit of serotonin on the hard days. While you’re at it add another folder (or a note tab in your phone or notes app) to include all of the wins you have at work so you are ready to present the information at your evaluation or future job interviews. 
5. Vow to appreciate your Gen Z team 
Discover new ways to relate to, engage with, and understand your young staff (even if that means listening to some podcasts about Gen Z during some admin office time!) and find new ways to meet them where they are in the new year. 
6. Block off your PTO and carve out some white space 
Take a look at your calendar and schedule your days off, downtime, and some space to get creative in your job. See if you can move things around to make sure you are prioritizing your mental health and your ability to stay inspired by pairing time off with time to work on the parts of your job that you love. Nurture yourself, give yourself grace, and strive to find work-life balance. 
7. Establish an annual enrichment calendar to celebrate your staff 
Pull out a calendar and write in weekly, monthly, and quarterly ways to recognize your incredible team. Start small and layer on if you are new to building out an enrichment calendar. The sky is the limit!  
8. Resolve not to file evaluations and surveys without reviewing them first 
Go through your program evaluations, staff surveys, and other collected data with a critical eye. With each one, find at least one positive thing to share with your team and one thing you can do better.  
9. Utilize a new-to-you tool, app, or technology to optimize your systems 
You do so many things repeatedly. Why not find a way to make technology work for you so you can create more time to focus on the things you'd like to spend your time on? If you do it more than once, create a system for it! 
10. Brainstorm one new special event you can run for your membership, community, and guests 
Find a new special event you can launch in 2024. Start small with a themed party (Pumpkin Float, anyone?), family night (try a water-focused game night), or celebration (like Noon Year's Eve Beach Ball Party)or build up to something bigger like an equity-minded event (like Sensory Swims or Pride at the Pool), recurring series (like low-cost Wednesday nights with themes), or fundraiser. 
11. Find a way to give back in your role as an aquatic supervisor 
Whether it's mentoring a rising aquatic professional, joining an aquatics committee or network, or establishing a long overdue scholarship program in your agency - find a project that allows you to give back in your role as part of your job in the new year. 
12. Fill in the blank! 
Get your creativity on and insert a resolution about risk management, staff leadership, personal development, or something completely different here. Ask yourself how you want to feel over the next 12 months as it relates to your work, and start there! 
The HydroApps team wishes you and your team the best start to the new year. We're here to support your goals, resolutions, and initiatives every step of the way!