Why Digitize?

Retire the file cabinet

Have you ever spent hours collecting reports for a public request? How much time do you spend tracking down your team to complete reports? How do you hold your team accountable for completing daily tasks? HydroApps is here to help with almost endless benefits. Learn more about how you can lower risk, enhance safety, and reduce costs with HydroApps.

Things are going fine. Why digitize?

HydroApps makes capturing the right information easy and efficient with both pre-built and configurable forms, based on industry standards and best practices, to bring your aquatic record-keeping into the cloud. With over 34 unique features living together on a single platform, HydroApps lets you focus on what’s really important: the safety of your guests and team, the success of your programs, and the sustainability of your facility.

  • What would it cost you to close for a day?

    At HydroApps, we know that operational sustainability is a part significant part of both your risk management and revenue-generation plans. You have implemented processes and guidelines to track safety compliance, track and maintain water chemistry, and execute regular preventative maintenance tasks. It’s easy for things go off track, and that can result in closing your facility due to poor water quality, failed equipment or other unsuspected surprises.

  • Lower Risk.

    According to the CDC and Network for Aquatic Facility Inspection Surveillance, one in every eight “routine inspections resulted in immediate closure because of at least one identified violation that represented a serious threat to public health.”

    Every year we hear about waterborne illness outbreaks such as Crypto or Shigella, and even one catastrophic event at schools, public pools, waterparks, and spraygrounds is too many. With HydroApps, you can create transparency, improve accountability, and keep your community safe.

    • Improve Visibility
      • The HydroApps Dashboard is the command central for any operator. See the most recent pool test, verify checklist progress, and link to maintenance issues and incident reports from a single page.
      • Get real data in real-time.
      • With automated alerts for issues or out-of-range tests, you can rest assured that information will get to the appropriate person in a timely manner.
      • Add photos and videos to checklists, maintenance issues, incident reports, skills observations, and on-deck evaluations.
    • Make Code Compliance Easy
      • Pre-built Model Aquatic Health Code checklists and references throughout the program make it easy to track compliance.
      • Easily track health department compliance in water quality and staff requirements.
      • Chemical dosage recommendations are customized for your pool to help you maintain code compliance.
    • Easily Access Data
      • Data is stored on secure servers and is always available – no misfiled or lost reports.
      • Digital data is always legible – no smeared writing from wet papers or sloppy handwriting!
      • Meaningful reporting helps you identify trends in pool chemistry, track recurring maintenance issues, easily see if you have common areas where rescues or incidents occur, and more.
    • Create Continuity
      • Site to site and staff to staff, data looks the same every time, maintaining your high standards.
      • The intuitive program and comprehensive on-demand training remains in place regardless of staff turn-over.
    • Enhance Accountability
      • Dynamic and customizable forms ensure that your team captures the right information every time.
      • Date, time, and user stamps allow you to easily see who is responsible for every interaction.

  • Enhance Safety.

    Risk Management extends far beyond life-saving skills towards a focus on ALL areas of your business. HydroApps’ applications can be used to develop operational plans that enhance water safety, reduce the risk of injury, and the spread of disease. Easy-to-use tools allow users to track in-service topics and attendance, improve lifeguard performance, and document zone validation.

    An effective Lifeguard Team is your most valuable asset. A recent CDC study estimates an effective lifeguard staff can save your organization over $200,000 per 10,000 facility visitors!

    An effective Lifeguard Team is your most valuable asset. A recent CDC study estimates an effective lifeguard staff can save your organization over $200,000 per 10,000 facility visitors!

  • Reduce Cost.

    At the top of everyone’s wish list is almost always and more time and more money. And any time you make a purchase, you want to feel confident that you’re getting a good return on your investment.

    • Save Money
      • Reduce labor costs by streamlining reporting, getting automated recommendations for chemical adjustments, and reducing the cost of travel between sites.
      • Save the cost of paper, binders, and printing.
      • With better chemical monitoring, reduce the cost of chemicals and potential lost revenue due to pool closures.
    • Save Time
      • No wasted labor printing paperwork and preparing binders.
      • View chemical readings and checklist completion anytime and anywhere without having to visit or call each site.
      • No more manually tracking certification expiration. Managers can receive automatic expiration reports, and staff can receive automated notices before their certifications expire.
      • Easily collect staff availability, create schedule templates and use SwiftShift to automatically fill your schedule.
      • Create reports of pull data in a few clicks instead of a few hours.
    • Indirect Savings
      • Identify maintenance trends early to minimize costly repairs.
      • Reduce costly incidents and insurance claims to reduce the long-term expense of your insurance.