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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Cloud-Based Aquatic Apps

Take your aquatic operations, risk management, and scheduling to the next level with HydroApps! Designed and made by aquatic professionals, for aquatic professionals, HydroApps’ comprehensive SaaS applications include 34 unique features to help your pool run better by lowering risk, reducing costs, and enhancing safety at your facility.

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Below are a few of the most frequently asked questions about the HydroApps suite of web-based applications. If you need additional assistance, please contact Kirsten Barnes at (303) 323-8531 or schedule a one-on-one demo.

  • What are HydroApps™?

    HydroApps is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) suite of cloud-based applications that helps aquatic facility owners, operators and service providers reduce risk, improve staff performance, and streamline compliance, documentation, and recordkeeping.

    HydroApps was developed by Counsilman-Hunsaker as part of our Circle of Expertise, in collaboration with American Red Cross, Pool and Hot Tub Alliance (formerly the National Swimming Pool Foundation), and in compliance with the Model Aquatic Health Code. Facility Manager™ is also the recipient of the first-ever certification by the Council for the Model Aquatic Health Code (CMAHC) in 2018.

    HydroApps includes 34 unique features across five applications: Facility Manager, Lifeguard Manager, Asset Manager, Schedule Manager, and Pool Test.

  • What Benefits Does HydroApps Provide?

    HydroApps lowers risk by tracking every aspect of an effective operations and risk management program, from certifications to training to performance, proactively preventing costly incidents and providing instant insight into trends occurring within your facility.

    HydroApps reduces cost by digitizing compliance, documentation, and record-keeping. Put more data at your fingertips instead of on pages, spreadsheets, or calendars. Improve risk management, enhance the safety and sustainability of your facility, increase revenue, and decrease your costs and expenses.

    HydroApps enhances safety by improving staff readiness and performance to prevent illness and injury. HydroApps can be used to develop operational plans to enhance water safety, reduce the risk of injury, and the spread of disease. Plus, HydroApps reduces the cost of compliance and documentation required to run a safe, healthy facility.

  • Licensing HydroApps

    Facility Manager
    Facility Manager may be licensed on an annual or seasonal basis with pricing based on number of facilities and seasonality. Facility Manager licenses also include Pool Test.

    Lifeguard Manager
    Lifeguard Manager is licensed on an annual basis with pricing based on number of staff members.

    Schedule Manager
    Schedule Manager is licensed on an annual basis with pricing based on number of staff members.

    Asset Manager
    Asset Manager is licensed on an annual or seasonal basis. The first license supports up to 5 facilities, and additional facilities may be added for a nominal fee.

    Pool Test
    Pool Test comes standard with Facility Manager, but is also offered as a standalone app. Pool Test may be licensed on an annual or seasonal basis with pricing based on number of facilities and their seasonality.

  • How much does HydroApps cost?

    HydroApps pricing is customized to the user’s needs. Plus, we offer full-service implementation and onboarding support so you and your staff will be up and running with HydroApps in no time.

  • HydroApps Partnerships and Discounts

    We want to help our customers minimize the initial cost of HydroApps so they can begin experiencing the benefits it provides today. One way to accomplish this is through flexibility working with our customers’ budgets to help better fit within their budget cycle or spending caps. To meet this goal, we offer discounts through our industry partners:

    • American Red Cross customers may provide your aquatic representative’s name to receive a 10% discount off annual license fees on HydroApps purchases.
    • Association of Aquatic Professionals members receive a 15% discount off all HydroApps purchases when using your AOAP membership code, found in the AOAP membership portal.
    • We run special promotions from time to time for Amilia and Recreonics customers. Subscribe to our HydroLogic e-newsletter to stay informed about our latest promotions!

  • Facility Manager™ FAQ

    Can I create my own checklist questions? Yes, you may customize Facility Manager checklists by adding or removing any checklist items you need. In fact, you can do the same type of customization in the Pool Test module, if you’re including it in your HydroApps package as well. (Pool Test comes standard with Facility Manager, but is also offered as a standalone app.)

    Can I have different checklists for different facilities? Yes, checklists can be facility-specific if you have multiple facilities. And since administrators can select which facilities a lifeguard or a manager is working at, you can ensure staff have access to the right forms, checklists, and reports.

    Can I view which outstanding issues from a checklist have been completed? Yes, HydroApps makes it easy to view the completed checklist, past completed issues, and any outstanding issues through Checklist Reports under the Reports section. Outstanding issues can also be viewed under the Checklists section for easy workflow viewing and completion.

    Can I get custom forms? Yes, we are regularly asked by clients for custom forms specific to their facility or own internal processes. We’re happy to provide this service for a modest fee and will provide a personalized quote, upon request, based on the scope of work.

    Can I share reports with others outside of HydroApps? Yes, all reports in HydroApps can be exported to a PDF format and most reports to an Excel format. For example, both Pool Closure and Illness reports can be exported to excel or PDF to share with others who may not have access to HydroApps.

    What is the ‘External User’ user role?
    External Users and their email addresses may be added into HydroApps so that they receive email notifications, specifically for checklist alerts and pool test readings that are out of range, but they do not receive a login.

    Licensing Facility Manager
    Facility Manager may be licensed on an annual or seasonal basis with pricing based on number of facilities and seasonality. Facility Manager licenses also include Pool Test.

  • Lifeguard Manager™ FAQ

    Can I select who can run and view reports? Yes, this is a typical part of the administrative setup for HydroApps. The various user roles provide certain access to certain logs and reports which can also be modified on an individual basis.

    Can we automate the setup of all our lifeguards in HydroApps? Yes, we can perform a batch import of lifeguards into the HydroApps system using a list in various formats, including Excel, Word, or PDF.

    Can I view training and certification expirations offline? Yes, these reports – and all other records and reports – can be exported to a PDF or Excel form, if needed, for offline viewing.

    Can I deactivate seasonal staff? You can easily activate or deactivate user accounts for seasonal staff so they only have access during the season.

    Can I have staff members acknowledge an audit? Yes, many of the forms found in HydroApps provide for e-signatures, allowing staff members to sign and save the form after completion of an audit so it’s documented that they have received it while their signature is saved on the report.

    Can I see who’s missed an in-service? Yes, the in-service attendance reports show not only who has attended an in-service training, but also who has not attended an in-service based on the facility’s in-service frequency schedule (weekly, biweekly, or monthly).

    Licensing Lifeguard Manager
    Lifeguard Manager is licensed on an annual basis with pricing based on number of staff members.

  • Asset Manager™ FAQ

    What does Asset Manager help with?
    Asset Manager, HydroApps’ latest app, offers full control of your pool’s asset and inventory management. It features asset and inventory tracking across each of your facilities, reference document storage, and compliance checklists. Administrators can manage assets and asset types, set inventory minimums, and set warranty expiration reporting parameters for an all-around, versatile asset and inventory management system.

    How are reference documents stored?
    Reference documents can be uploaded in one of many formats, including PDF, Word, or images, or linked to a page or document on a website.

    What types of asset and inventory reports are available?
    Asset Manager offers reports on warranty expirations, checklists, vendor lists, inventory changes, counts, and orders, and offers the ability to create Requests for Quotes (RFQs) based on the asset information you provide.

    How many users can Asset Manager support?
    Each Asset Manager license supports unlimited users, and like all our HydroApps applications, users in your HydroApps org are available across all your applications, meaning each staff member only needs to be set up once. Admins may adjust users’ permissions in HydroApps at any time to define a user’s level of access to data and features.

    How do I add Asset Manager to my existing HydroApps account?
    Contact your HydroApps account manager to request pricing and to add the Asset Manager app to your HydroApps account. You can also use our Support Request form and request to add Asset Manager.

  • Schedule Manager™ FAQ

    What are some of the features of Schedule Manager?
    Schedule Manager allows users to create custom positions for their staff and then schedule their staff manually or use SwiftShift™ to populate the schedule based on those positions, staff availability, and priority. Staff members have the ability to set their own availabilities and to submit leave requests. Admins also have the ability to create different schedule templates to easily reuse.

    What is SwiftShift™?
    The SwiftShift insta-scheduler allows managers to smartly populate a schedule based on staff availability, priority, position, and maximum number of hours per staff member. Shifts that have no one available will remain open so managers may fill those shifts manually.

    Can I license Schedule Manager separetely?
    Schedule Manager may be licensed separately from Lifeguard Manager and Facility Manager or bundled as part of your HydroApps suite. The advantage to licensing HydroApps together is that users are shared across all applications, meaning each staff member only needs to be set up once, unlike standalone applications which will require you to create a user account in each application. Admins may then adjust a user’s permissions in HydroApps at any time.

    What type of user notifications are available for Schedule Manager?
    Currently, Schedule Manager has the ability to send notifications for published schedules, announcements, availability reminders, leave request approval or denial, open shifts, shift reminders, shift assignments and requests, and many other triggers.

    Does Schedule Manager accomodate different positions working across multiple pools?
    Yes, Schedule Manager allows you to schedule staff across multiple pools and allows you to create and assign various positions to each of your staff members. In fact, you may also create different positions for each pool, assign multiple positions to a staff member at specific pools, and specify the maximum hours a staff member is available to work in a week and in a single day.

    Does Schedule Manager have a time clock function? At present, Schedule Manager does not have a time clock function. This is due to the fact that most of our customers already have seperate systems in place for time entry and payroll that are controlled by human resources, but it is being considered for future release. If you have the need for time clock functionality as part of your scheduling solution, we would love to hear from you to see how we can accomodate you.

    Licensing Schedule Manager
    Schedule Manager is licensed on an annual basis with pricing based on number of staff members.

  • HydroApps Integrations

    ProMinent Chemical Controllers
    We are pleased to feature integrations with ProMinent chemical control systems. With the ProMinent controller integration, Pool Test will display controller readings directly on the readings dashboard, along with users’ manual readings. Controller readings also appear in Pool Test charts, emails, and daily reports. Using this integration, facility managers will have a better understanding of how their manual readings compare to their controllers.