Solutions by Industry

Solutions for Every Facility

Designed by Aquatic Professionals for Aquatic Professionals, HydroApps works in any commercial pool setting.

Community Pools & Aquatic Centers

Whether you have a single, seasonal facility or an entire portfolio of indoor aquatic centers, HydroApps can help streamline your processes and execute more efficiently.

Pool Management Companies

For as little as $245 per facility per year, HydroApps can improve accountability, provide you more visibility into off-site operations, and create consistency across all your sites.


The cost of closing your park – or even a single feature – for just one day can significantly impact revenue, and the impact to your brand if things go wrong can be catastrophic. HydroApps can help you create processes to protect your facility and your brand.

K-12 / Secondary

Easily communicate between every stakeholder: from facility staff to lifeguard managers and athletics, easily share information and stay up-to-date on what happens in your aquatic center in real time.

Health & Wellness / Fitness

With unique needs and managers with varied responsibilities, HydroApps makes it easy to track code compliance quickly and accurately.

YMCAs / JCCs / Non-Profits

Coordinate work between departments, easily share documents with leadership, track in-service and quick checks, and create meaningful reports.

Private Clubs / Swim Schools

Whether you operate one location or many, automated alerts and dosing recommendations help you operate at the highest safety level possible for young swimmers.

Hotels / Resorts

On-site CPOs can track chemical checks and daily walk-throughs easily, and access to real-time data helps keep things running smoothly when CPOs are unavailable.

Apartment Complexes / HOAs

Easily track the items needed to comply with state and local health codes to keep your amenity safe for the community.