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Bringing your aquatic record keeping to the cloud, HydroApps lets you focus on what's important to your swimmers: safety, successful programming, and the sustainability of your facility.

Facility Manager

Manage & Track Code Compliance with checklists, maintenance issue reporting and alerts, incident reports, pool closure logs and custom forms.

Lifeguard Manager

Improve Staff Readiness by tracking in-service topics & attendance, managing certifications & recording on-deck observations, skills evaluations and more.

Asset Manager

Plan for the future and protect your budget through streamlining preventative maintenance tasks and making inventory manageable.

Schedule Manager

A Dynamic Scheduling Application to collect staff availability, create schedule templates & build schedules, manage shift change requests and more.

Pool Test

Monitor Pool Chemistry as you record pool test results, get recommendations for dosing, and receive automatic alerts for out-of-range readings.

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From easy data entry to full-scale reporting, we make capturing the right information easy and efficient. Developed by Counsilman-Hunsaker, the aquatics industry thought leader for over 50 years, HydroApps includes 34+ useful and unique features deemed essential to successful facility management in a modern world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do Lifeguards or Head Guards use HydroApps on deck?

    Whether using their phone, an iPad, or Amazon Fire Tablet, as long as your team has access to the internet, they can access HydroApps. No internet installed at your outdoor pool? No problem! A wi-fi enabled mobile device or a mobile hot spot activated for the summer season is all you need!

  • What if my health inspector arrives? How can I show them the data?

    With just a few clicks (or taps), you and your team can access your daily chemical records for review, including record date-time stamps and any notes or chemical adjustments entered. Sharing information with your health department and other auditors couldn’t be easier!

  • Off site or on deck, easily access real time information.

    From your office, laptop, or mobile device, you can log into your HydroApps site. Your Dashboard becomes your Command Central, with access to the most recent chemical readings and checklist progress for every body of water at every site and links to other important information.

  • Save paper. Save time. Save your sanity!

    As former aquatic operators, the team at HydroApps knows that there is more to your life than paperwork. With HydroApps, you can spend less time deciphering lifeguard handwriting, looking for misplaced files, or dealing with schedule changes, and more time doing the part of your job that you love!

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