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Aquatic operations, risk management, and scheduling applications by Counsilman-Hunsaker.
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Designed and made by aquatic professionals, for aquatic professionals, HydroApps’ comprehensive SaaS applications help your pool run better by lowering risk, reducing costs, and enhancing the safety of your facility.
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Facility Manager

Designed with you in mind.

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Lifeguard Manager

Take lifeguarding to the next level.

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Pool Test

Retire your binders.

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Schedule Manager

Take the stress out of operations.

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The Benefits of HydroApps

HydroApps lets you focus on what’s really important – the sustainability of your facility and the safety of your guests and staff.

  • What are HydroApps™?

    HydroApps is a comprehensive suite of SaaS (software-as-a-service) applications that are designed and made by aquatic professionals, for aquatic professionals, to help your pool run better by lowering risk, reducing your costs, and enhancing safety at your facility.

    HydroApps makes capturing the right information easy and efficient with both pre-built and configurable forms, based on industry standards and best practices, to bring your aquatic recordkeeping into the cloud.

  • How does HydroApps help with aquatic operations and risk management?

    Our applications help you manage your staff at top-level standards, implement preparation through easily accessible cloud-based reporting and record-keeping, and improve staff training, efficiency, and performance alongside the leading safety standards. A high-performing aquatic facility staff can make a big difference, and HydroApps can help ensure that your staff maintains a high level of readiness.

  • How can HydroApps reduce costs at my aquatic facility?

    HydroApps digital documentation and storage saves both you and your staff time – and money – and reduces costs associated with paper recordkeeping and storage. By eliminating paper waste and providing a solution to limited physical storage space, HydroApps frees up funds that could be used for other operational and risk management purposes.

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Lower risk, reduce cost, and enhance safety

Developed in collaboration with some of the most highly-regarded operational and educational leaders in the industry, HydroApps provides you with the benefit of our combined aquatic knowledge and innovation and the tools to streamline your compliance, documentation, and record keeping.

Our suite of HydroApps includes:
Facility Manager™
Lifeguard Manager™
Schedule Manager™
Pool Test™

For more information, contact Kirsten Barnes at (303) 323-8531
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