We are excited to announce the release of Schedule Manager, which seamlessly integrates into our customers' existing HydroApps applications for an integrated, cross-platform solution for aquatic operations and risk management to help their pools run better. HydroApps Schedule Manager is available now!


Schedule Manager is a real-time, dynamic scheduling application that saves time for both you and your staff. Its interactive system provides schedule visibility at all times while helping reduce missed shifts and increase overall employee satisfaction.

Control labor costs and reduce scheduling errors

Schedule Manager includes measures to prevent overscheduling or scheduling conflicts, and to ensure shift balancing. Users will be equipped to effectively manage scheduling of multiple pools and allow their employees to manage their own availability and time-off requests.

Featuring SwiftShift™

Schedule staff manually or let the SwiftShift™ insta-scheduler do the work for you based on availability, staff qualifications, location, and your budgeted hours.

Schedule Visibility from Anywhere

Dynamic schedule outlooks allow instant review in multiple, interactive views while automated alerts notify staff and supervisors of significant scheduling events. Schedule Manager provides seamless integration with other HydroApps applications for a comprehensive, single platform aquatic solution.

Aquatic operators have enough stress and scheduling shouldn’t be part of it. Schedule Manager is made by aquatic professionals for aquatic professionals, so you can spend less time scheduling staff, and more time on the sustainability of your facility and the safety of your staff and your guests.

For more information on Schedule Manager, visit our Schedule Manager page.