Digitize your world with HydroApps, and help your pools run better!

HydroApps’ comprehensive SaaS applications are designed and made by aquatic professionals, for aquatic professionals. But are you curious just how HydroApps can help you run a better aquatic facility by lowering risk, reducing your costs, and enhance safety for your staff and guests? HydroApps collaborated with the Town of Parker, Colorado to find out.

A HydroApps Case Study – Town of Parker, CO

According to Bryan Gentilini, Aquatics Supervisor and HydroApps customer since 2018, he estimates that HydroApps has helped him to:

  • Save over 3,600 pages of paper per facility annually,
  • Save over 900 staff hours per facility annually, and
  • Reduce misplaced documents by 100%!

When asked about the ease of use and access of information, Bryan said, “Our Health Inspector is thrilled that we can pull a report regarding all of our pool closures, and [that] all the information is in one place. As an administrator I receive email confirmations whenever an accident/injury, pool closure, or check list form is finalized, which means I can always be in the know, wherever I am!”

We also asked Bryan how he used HydroApps for recordkeeping and data storage. He said, “Tracking and storing our accident/injury forms is as easy as searching by date, location and type of injury. There is no longer a need to print and file them away!”

Finally, we asked Bryan to describe some of the time savings he’s experienced with HydroApps. “Each water quality report outlines the measures required to remedy the issue, which makes for quick and efficient chemical additions when necessary. We [also] enjoy that our staff can take pictures of anything that may need attention, and we are notified immediately if something does need attention.”

Find out how HydroApps can help you experience similar benefits at your aquatic facility today! Contact Kirsten Barnes at [email protected] or (303)-323-8531 and visit us at hydroapps.com.


Special thanks to Bryan Gentilini and the Town of Parker, Colorado